Friday, June 14, 2013

Dragon Slippers (Jessica Day George)

Here I am again, reading Jessica Day George books when I promised not to.

I wanted to love this book, but I could only like it.

First, Creel. I mean, Creel? Come on, son.

Now, down to the business of my book malaise. The foundation of the story doesn't sit well with me. I am hung up on the whole slipper procurement. I know the title of the book is "Dragon Slippers," but really, the way she came by them makes no sense.

Creel originally wanted something of value from the dragon's hoard, like a fancy schmancy goblet, to sell for some quick cash to get her to the King's Seat. But when she finds out that the dragon hoards shoes, that plan goes out the window. Why? The first pair of shoes she describes are ENCRUSTED WITH EMERALDS. Looking for something to pawn? Found it! Move along!

But no. For some reason, she decides to forget about the whole sell-something-to-fund-the-trip idea and instead try on practical walking shoes. Because those would be so much more helpful than emeralds. By the end of the book, I am still not over this crucial flip-flop (footwear pun not intended). Her desire was to find something valuable to sell. That requirement was met in the first pair she saw. She never would have tried on any shoes. She never would have discovered the dragon slippers. She would have taken the emerald heels and headed for the hills.

Faulty book premise aside, how could the dragons be so dumb? If a single pair of shoes could determine the fate of your species, and some nitwit girl child had them, wouldn't you want to warn her to not let them out of her sight? I guess you would be worried about revealing your secret and letting her know the power she wielded, but after you got to know her and trust her (I'm talking 'bout you, Shardas!), wouldn't you warn her not to let them fall into the wrong hands (or feet)? I know their conversation was interrupted, but really. Some things you make time for. Like doom-shoes.

And Creel supposedly suspected something important was happening, and that it might have dire consequences for her kingdom, but she refused to tell her bestie, Prince Luka, that her foreboding about the country (which is totally his business, as a prince), had something to do with dragons. That simple conversation would maybe have saved lots of lives.


But I liked the characters (Shardas and I could totally hang out and eat peaches in a cave).

Dare I read the second book? Will it be built on such a flimsy foundation? Will Creel (::cringe::) get any smarter?

Thus far, the Dragon Slippers series does not supplant The Enchanted Forrest Chronicles in my heart. Not even close. I miss you, Princess Cimorene.

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